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In response to the progressive industrialiasition of the wine industry and the increasing use of chemicals and technology in both the vinyard and the cellar,estates have been established since the 1970s that are managed according to natural ecological or biodynamic principles.Motivated by concern about the traditional wine producers' often irresponsible use of pesticides,fungicides and herbicides,some "organic" operators appeared more concerned with using methods that would not harm the environment than with the quality of their products.Since then, however,much progress has been made.In France and Germany,in particular,a sizeable proportion of total production now comes from the organic wine industry,and the majority of Europes' wine-producing nations have top estates that produce wines of excellent quality,despite,or even perhaps of the fact that their practises are ecologically sound.Since the beginning of the 1990s more and more wine growers ahve been switching to what is known as the integrated method of cultivation, in which chemical products for pest and disease control are used in a more considered manner.Treatment is only taken into consideration when a disease has reached a level of severity.The grower chooses products least harmful to the environment and the worker,and does not deploy thm ubtil circumstance are favourable.The right moment might bedetermined by the life cycle of the pest the stage of development of the vine or by the weather.Careful monitoring in the vinyard is essential if eco friendly agriculture is to be succesful and help reduce the amount of chemicals used, however collecting the information does take time. What motivates wine growers to switch to integrated cultivation is not economics but rather the need to optimnise work on the vinyard.The guidlines recommend that growers limit the addition of nitrogen and shred and compost the matter cut from the vines during pruning,returning it to the soil.Organic cultivation demands that a host of rigorous conditions are met.Disease and pest control can only be undertaken using products of natural origin - of which copper and sulpher are the most important.Growers are now advised to reduce the application of copper,however,because it is taken up by the soil and disrupts biological processes. Naturally all the processes of integrated cultivation are also heeded with organic cultivation.At one end of the scale are frowers own individual practises,very few of which are regulated by any kind of association and at the other is a set of clearly defined regulations and a system of regular checks.  In many countries around the world, wine growers are increasingly prepared to accept the sometimes very lengthy transition period to organic production and the strict rules governing production.




Chateau Maris Minervois La Liviniere - €23.95  

Coste di Moro Montepulciano d' Abruzzo Italy - €17.95

Inycon Shiraz Terre Siciliane Italy - €14.95

La Chaussynette Boislauzon Vin de France - €16.95

Mas de Boislauzon Cotes du Rhone Villages France - €19.95


Macon Village Guillmont-Michel France - €36.95

Mureda Blanco Vino de la Tierra de Castilla - €10.95


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